Latest propaganda (dumba$$) video from ISIS – Destroying Washington

ISIS has released a new propaganda video depicting a full-scale invasion of Washington DC (and, oddly, London.) It’s been cobbled together from existing movies, amateur slo-mo slots and some questionable CGI. The five-minute movie, released on social media by pro-ISIS group Abd al Faqir Media, shows an army of terrorists surging through the city streets while ISIS jets race through the skies above.

It starts with an edited scene taken from Hollywood blockbuster London Has Fallen showing a jihadi blowing up a bridge while crossing in a van packed with explosives as cars fall into the river below.

One expert told MailOnline the video aims to recruit new members and give potential supporters ‘hope and something to hold on to’ despite ISIS’ decline in the Middle East.

Raphael Gluck of monitoring group Jihadoscope said: ‘It might sound stupid, even childish, but the video shows supporters an ISIS airforce and ISIS tanks rolling into DC, and maybe it gives an element of hope. Maybe it will inspire someone to be a ‘lion’ and carry out an attack.’

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