Looking hot! Would you let them do this to you?

After gel, cream and wax, the latest craze in hair styling is here, and it’s a candle!
In India, this stylist has a unique way of styling customers’ hair. No, he doesn’t use a special cream, or massage it into your scalp over 10 minutes. He styles hair using a candle!

Haircuts at Enrich Unisex Salon in Geeta Colony, New Delhi start off much like anywhere else, with a wash, shampoo and blow dry. After a basic cut with a machine, it’s time to style. And that’s where things get… interesting.

Imran learned the technique from his father, who developed the practice many years ago, when he had to find a way to cut customer’s hair even in the dark during power cuts. It’s said to eliminate weak hairs and split ends.

When I was a kid, my Victorian grandmother used to twist my hair into strands and run a lighted taper up it to burn off split ends and ‘strengthen it,’ so I’m not that freaked out by this. How about you?