Mom and daughter shoot robber in their liquor store

Watch as a mom and daughter shoot an armed robber who held up their liquor store in Forest Hills, near Tulsa, AZ. Kudos to the ladies for hitting the robber several times. He was later identified after being admitted to hospital where we was last reported to be in a coma.

Now, many of you eagle-eyed readers will see that the ladies break quite a few self-defense rules. They don’t lock the door after the robber leaves the first time. The daughter’s shot at the robber when her mom is between them was risky and could have ended badly. The daughter later covers her mum with her weapon as she’s moving around the counter – she’s damn lucky it didn’t go off. Their weapons hold very few bullets. But all that said, the weapons did their job and defended the store and the ladies.

It’s worth adding thatย police think the shot man is responsible for a series of Tulsa and Tulsa County armed robberies with a sawn-off shotgun over the past few weeks.