VIDEO: Steven Crowder Debunks ‘Top 5 AR-15 Lies’

“Is this really about banning AR-15s … or is it a Trojan horse?” asks comedian Steve Crowder. “It seems that whenever there’s a public shooting, they pick a topic, and right now it’s the AR-15, that’s enemy numero uno, as opposed to going after all guns, which I think is a little bit of a bait-and-switch.”

Myth #1: “AR-15s are the most deadly firearms available to the public in the world.”

Myth #2: “AR stands for ‘assault rifle.'”

Myth #3: “The AR-15 is an automatic rifle.”

Myth #4: “AR-15s or similar rifles are responsible for most gun violence.”

Myth #5: “AR-15s are the weapons of choice for mass shooters.”