VIDEO: How to clean your AR-15

Here’s a straightforward and well explained video demonstrating the correct cleaning of an AR-15. I’m sure many of you are currently considering a purchase of one of these firearms, in anticipation of some crazy ban so, I thought I’d show you how easy they are to maintain.

AR-15s are a good choice for home defense. Because they are powerful, you must be sure that your shot will not imperil someone behind a flimsy wall, but aside from these commonsense precautions, these rifles allow you to take on a number of adversaries at a distance. Men and women with seems to perform well with a light enough carbine and there is very little recoil.

There’s a great article on why you should use an AR-15 for home defense here, this quote comes form it:

“Pistols point faster,” is a common proclamation, and it can be true if you already have your hands on the gun. However, the last part of that statement is often overlooked: “Pistols point faster, and miss more often.” Although we can quickly get the pistol into the fight, the carbine will get there and be more shootable for the average person. With a carbine in the low-ready position, the average shooter can get shots on target in less than one second. Of course, that is the reaction time once you have made the determination that you should, in fact, shoot. It does not take into consideration the fact that you will have to work your way through a decision-making process that includes threat identification.