War on Waste: Beeswax Food Wraps

Plastic wrap is handy (although a b*tch to get off the roll). Those plastic zippy bags play havoc with the environment as they break down. So if you want to take some pressure off the landfill, water table and wildlife that’s caused by plastics – here’s a handy dandy solution. I reckon they’d make great hostess or Christmas gifts. And while the string looks neat and is reusable – elastic bands might be faster.

Beeswax wraps.

Cotton sheet (desired size)
Jojoba oil (not essential but helps with flexibility)
Parchment paper
Towel or ironing board

Cut 2 sheets of parchment paper larger than the cotton sheet.
Place one sheet of parchment on the ironing board or towel. Place the cotton sheet on top.
Grate the beeswax and spread out the wax over the entire sheet.
Pour some jojoba oil over the sheet, and place the second parchment sheet on top.
Once the iron is heated, place it over the parchment and smooth it over the sheet. You will quickly see the wax melt and spread through the cotton sheet. Once the entire sheet is covered in wax, pull away the top parchment.
Carefully peel away the cotton sheet. The wax will dry within a minute and will be ready for use!

(Or grate 4 TBSP of beeswax with 2 TBSP of Pine resin and 1/2 TBSP of Jojoba oil and melt together over a pan of boiling water and brush over the cloth.)