Can you do this 8th Grade Civics test from 1954?

Here’s a Civics test from 1954. I hope Kenny Hignite who scored 98.5 on this test went on to be an Attorney General somewhere!

Here are the questions!

1-20: List the cabinet positions and the people who hold these positions at the present time. [There are more cabinet positions now than in 1954.]

20-29: Give the names of the nine justices of the Supreme Court.

30-51: Tell the provisions of each of the amendments to the Constitution. [There are now 27 amendments.]

52. What is the Bill Of Rights?

53. Who is the President of the U.S.?

54. Who is the Vice-President of the U.S.?

55. What is an unwritten law?

56.  (Missing)

57. Two things necessary to any good government are ___.

58. The plan of government for the U.S. is the ___.

59. A constitutional law is ___.

60. An unconstitutional law is ___.

61. A law is declared unconstitutional by the ___.

62. The President chooses a cabinet in order to ___.

63. The Constitution grants all lawmaking powers to ___.

64-65. The two houses of Congress are ___ and ____.

66. The Constitution established two houses of Congress because ___.

67. The number of representatives from each state is determined by ___.

68. The Speaker of the House is ___.

69. The number of Senators from each state is ___.

70. A Senator is elected for ___.

71. The presiding officer of the Senate is ___.

72. The Vice-President does not have a vote in the Senate unless ___.

73. A president pro tempore is ___.

74. The life of each Congress is ___.

75. Congress convenes in regular session on ___.

76. The president may call Congress into session ___.

77. The power to enforce the laws is given to ___.

78. The President’s term of office is ___.

79. If a President dies, he is succeeded by ___.

80. The President must be a ___ citizen.

81. How old must a President be?

82. The oath of office is administered to the President by ___.

83. The President takes office on ___.

84. The President can make treaties if ___.

85. The highest law of the land is ___.

86. The Supreme Court may annul laws if___.

87. A quorum for Congress is ___.

88. A filibuster is ___.

89. The number of Supreme Court justices is ___.

90. A write of habeus corpus is ___.

91. A bill of attainder is ___.

92. An ex post fact law is ___.

93. A reprieve is ___.

94. A pardon is ___.

95. Who regulates inter-state commerce?

96. What is naturalization?

97. What is piracy?

98. Does a dictator consider the welfare of the people?

99. Can a government function without the power to raise money?

100. Do wealth and power alone make a nation happy?

100 (Because 56 is missing) Write the preamble to the Constitution. Yes, that’s what it says. From memory!