VIDEO: Think you’re tough? Watch this Brit get hit by bus, jump up and walk into pub!

The last person Simon Smith thought he’d meet at a local bar was the driver of the Number 17 bus.

The two became acquainted when the out-of-control, 12-ton, double decker bus struck him as he crossed the street in Reading, England, the Telegraph reports.

The speeding bus hit Smith with such force his body shattered the windshield before landing 20 feet away. The bus only stopped after colliding with and smashing apart the building’s overhang. It was clearly out of control and traveling at considerable speed.

That’s when Smith simply got up, dusted himself off, walked into the Purple Turtle and “informed staff he had just been hit by a bus,” according to the South Central Ambulance Service.

Amazingly, being struck by a 12-ton bus left Simon with only bruises.

“We’ve known Simon for about 20 years,” said Purple Turtle manager Stuart McNaught, “He went to hospital, he’s ok he’s a bit frail today, he’s not feeling the best. He went to hospital the paramedics who called the ambulance took him. He’s bruised and shocked I think.”

“He shouldn’t be here,” his wife tells the Telegraph.

It is unknown if he got a drink.