Why Houston is a better town than….almost anywhere (And why DC sucks)

URGH!!! Zoning laws. I’m in the middle of a fight with the Zoning Gods and I can tell you as a small government, freedom loving person I want to march with a pitchfork on City Hall and ‘defenestrate’ all the urban planners!

But I had never before considered that zoning laws are a blight that spread from a single source. And while I appreciate we probably don’t want a strip joint next to an elementary school, I’m happy to take that chance and leave building to market forces with a bit of help from the justice system (I wish lawyers were cheaper, though!).

Anyway, check this out. The perfect solution to a huge problem: a tiny home in super expensive Washington, D.C., is not allowed because…blah, blah, zoning laws. I worked in D.C. and man, can I attest to the bureaucracy and inefficiency of its employees and officials. But this is dumb. Even by their epic standards.

Disagree? Put your comments in the Comments below. Especially if you live in Houston. Is it really that good to have so few rules?