The school shooting survivors the media ignore.

On May 18, a mass shooter left 10 people dead in Santa Fe, Texas. Three months later, survivors are calling for change. But no one, it appears, is listening.

We often bring you articles from The Daily Signal, they kindly let us republish their work. Here, I am pleased to present an excellent mini-documentary from their video unit highlighting the May school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, produced by Kelsey Harkness and Lauren Evans.

This is a sobering report from some of the survivors, who prayed to survive the shooter’s evil intent. They are angry at the media who turned up like vultures to witness their grief. These kids are still pro-Second Amendment. They were not about be cowed into parades the media wanted to film. These young people grew up with firearms and are not afraid of them. They ARE concerned about the crazy kid who shot the school up. So concerned about mental illness that the survivors have created a charity to assist victims of it.

The community is calling for changes, for additional lines of defense. And many of the teachers are not against arming themselves.

Let’s look at these decent kids and while mourning with them, let’s celebrate the goodness and decent they exude through their home town.