Listen to whales and help science!

Image: Christopher Michel – CC BY 2.0

I just stumbled upon this amazing site.  You can listen to whales in realtime.


Listen to live underwater sound in orca habitat! If you’re lucky you’ll hear orcas, but mostly you’ll hear ships…

Choose a location and then select the green listen button. The control bar at the bottom lets you pause/play and shows how many people are listening for whales with you.

While you listen, you can also learn more about orca sounds. If you need some more inspiration, here is five minutes of J & K pod orcas calling, whistling, and clicking:

Launched this month, the Orcasound app makes it easy for everyone to listen for whales. They welcome feedback about your listening experience via this user experience survey. If you have trouble, try reloading the site after clearing your browser’s cache.

It’s where real-time audio streams, citizen science projects, educational materials, and outreach projects of Orcasound brought to you by the current network members, listed below, who have e-signed the 2016-2020 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Any organization or individual is welcome to join the network (for free!), either as the host of a hydrophone node, a researcher or citizen scientist, an educator/activist, or a general volunteer.

If you’re an individual wanting to volunteer, collaborate, or donate, check out the many ways you can support Orcasound. Everyone can listen for whales, and learn the diverse sounds of the Salish Sea.


Orcasound is a cooperative network, there are many ways to support our efforts. We welcome your help in three broad areas (more details below): volunteeringat one of the network nodes, hacking the hardware and software that makes Orcasound work, and donating to our cause.