Pipe-gun maker sells junk guns to “buyback” program

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As we all know, most buyback programs are a joke. In fact most guns control measures are ridiculous. Take the New Jersey law that gave gun owners until early December 2018 to sell, modify, destroy or turn over to the police any gun magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds. Zero magazines were turned in. That’s a million new criminals in the Garden State.

Because guess what? Those “take guns off the street,” events attract surprisingly few criminals!

Enter YouTuber Royal Nonesuch. He can be seen above.

He makes cheap pipe guns from scrap. And when his home town of Columbia, Missouri offered $100 per firearm at their Gift 4 Gun Exchange buyback, he just had to get involved. .

“I don’t have too much time or energy invested in any of these guns,” he says before selling three homemade weapons for a quick $300. He later said he plans to put that money toward more firearm projects.

According to the Columbia Missoruian, 41 firearms were turned in at this event.