Graphic content: Bodycam footage shows limited power of handgun

Wow! This video for an East Cleveland police officer shows just how hard a body can fight when pumped up on adrenalin (and possibly other substances). This man takes a round to the chest and jumps right up and carries on assaulting the officers attempting to arrest him. It took four officers to subdue him.

WARNING: The video shows East Cleveland officers responding to an incident. A man enters the frame and throws at T-shirt at a patrol SUV. The officer’s camera catches a glimpse of a woman lying on the pavement near the sidewalk and screaming for help, as officers got out of the SUV. The man then takes a bullet when he charges the officer.

You’ll see a video posted here that demonstrates the impact of different rounds on an iron skillet. It helps make the point that no single ammunition can reliably claim to be “the best”.

You know that a .22 caliber bullet can completely incapacitate someone, while under certain circumstances, a .45 ACP will fail to achieve that result. People have survived headshots you wouldn’t imagine are survivable. And some have passed from an unlucky leg shot that nicked a major blood vessel.

In this case the officer fired at center mass, but didn’t double tap and finish with a head shot. He had hoped to slow the man down, possibly not to kill him. Where I was trained, if your gun is out you’re going to use it to finish the job. I’m not sure why this cop was ready to let it go at one.