Extracting water from the air

Whereas other commercially-available water generators rely on conventional air conditioning and dehumidifying technology to generate drinking water at rates ranging from 650 to 850 watt-hours per liter, Watergen produces safe drinking water at only 250Wh/L – or, in financial terms, a mere two to four cents per liter.

With its unique patented design and non-conductive structure, called GENius™ it’s the world’s most energy-efficient atmospheric water generator (AWG) module of its kind. It produces up to five times more water per kilowatt than any other technology on the market. A highly scalable solution, GENius™ can be configured to any size, to support a wide range of applications, from the central water supply for a town or village, to clean water for homes and offices, depending on the specific water needs.

They’ve got a domestic version coming soon which will reduce humidity Check out their website. http://www.watergen.com