New US Army uniform just like the old (very old) uniform


The US Army has announced its new service uniform and it’s a retro throwback to the uniform of World War II.

Photos of the final uniform are yet to be released, but it will feature a belted jacket, foldable garrison cover and brown leather shoes in a gender-neutral style with long ties and pants for both men and women.

“The Army Greens uniform represents our tradition and history,” Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey said in a statement after the announcement. “It serves as a connection of past generations of soldiers to those working to secure America’s freedom today ― our next greatest generation of soldiers.”

Formerly known as the “pinks and greens,” the World War II-era officers uniform could go Army-wide as soon as 2020, according to a release that was posted Sunday to the Army’s website but was not shared through any of its social media channels.

Everything’s better with a Reagan photo.

“The current Army Blues Uniform will return to being a formal dress uniform, while the Army Greens will become the everyday business-wear uniform for all soldiers,” the release said.

The new uniform will be “cost-neutral,” according to the Army, though details of the budgeting plan were not immediately available.

Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey told Army Times in September that while higher quality materials translated to a dollar-for-dollar more expensive uniform, the fielding plan would negate some of those extra costs in the aggregate.