1st Lt. wearing ankle monitor scores military transport rides to Iraq and back. Year later steals tank and drives down interstate!

This Army National Guard officer was accused of stealing an armored personnel carrier from a Virginia base and leading police on a more than 60-mile chase.

But that’s only a part of his amazing story.

Court records obtained by CBS 6 showed that Joshua Yabut was able to fly from Norfolk to Iraq two months ago. The trip violated the conditions of his bond following his June 2018 joyride.

An employee of the Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office called the Virginia Fusion Center on January 31, to report a suspicious situation involving Yabut, according to a report in his case file. Yabut, who has been wearing an electronic ankle device, is being monitored by the Richmond Circuit Court Mental Health Docket.

On or about January 22, investigators said Yabut used his military ID to board a plane at Naval Station Norfolk and fly to the naval air station in Jacksonville, Florida.

Court documents showed Yabut later took a commercial flight to Charlotte, before flying to Toronto, and then on to Keflavik, Iceland.

From there, Yabut flew to Berlin, and then to Istanbul, before ultimately ending up in Iraq on January 26.

He flew back to Norfolk two days later, according to investigators.

Crime Insider sources tell CBS 6 that Yabut’s ankle monitor was attached when he boarded the flight to Jacksonville, but at some point during the trip it was taken off.

1st Lieutenant Joshua Yabut, was chased by police for more than 60 miles after he stole an armored personnel carrier from a National Guard base while driving under the influence of drugs, Virginia State Police said Wednesday, June 6, 2018. (Richmond City Sheriff’s Office)