VIDEO: Man tries to rob Texas fireworks stand, forgets it’s Texas

An attempted armed robbery of a Houston-area fireworks stand came to an abrupt end when the 19-year-old criminal was shot in the face.

With his own gun.

Yes, he managed to find one of the few people in Texas not carrying a gun and still got shot.

It started when the suspect approached the stand on the afternoon of July 4th.

“He produced a handgun described as a revolver and demanded money,” Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Eddie Hazel tells Houston’s Fox 26.

Fireworks stands workers are “easy targets they’re out here alone by themselves,” says Hazel. “But it doesn’t always go their way, and this is one of those instances where it didn’t go the robber’s way.

In this case, when the stand workers removed the money from the cash register and placed it on the counter for the robber, the robber set down his gun on the counter.

As the robber grabbed the cash, an employee grabbed the gun and fired one shot into the robber’s face.

No charges have been filed against the employees.