VIDEO: Mom of 3 Stops Home Invaders With Well Placed Shot

A home invader got what he deserved when a South Carolina mom defended her home with a firearm.

According to a report from FOX Carolina the mom, Ashley Jones, was startled when two men banged on her door early in the morning.

“I yelled,  ‘I have a gun, I will shoot you, get away from my house,’” Jones said.

She said the man and a second person then went to the back of the house and tried to enter through the back door. Then, they went to the garage before coming back to the front door.

That’s when Jones said the man kicked in the front door, and she pulled the trigger. She said the bullet hit the man, and he ran off.

“Something just came over me, and I got calm. My heart slowed down and I got focused. I told myself if he comes in here, you can’t let him get past your doorstep. You have three young children to protect.”

– Ashley Jones

Jones said she didn’t hesitate, and if the man would’ve continued into the home, she would have fired again.

“I would’ve killed him if I had to.”

A potentially tragic situation averted because a homeowner was prepared and was able to exercise her 2nd Amendment rights.