VIDEO: Antifa terrorist attempts to stab Marine vet

New video captures an Antifa terrorist armed with a knife stalking a Marine veteran during a Portland rally, apparently ready to stab him, before being thwarted by a citizen journalist.

Portland Antifa terrorists have become infamous for their campaign of bloody assaults on conservatives, Trump supporters and anyone else they find on public streets.

Watch the video for yourself to familiarize yourself with their tactics.

What are you doing to protect yourself in public from Antifa terrorists? reports:

The independent journalist who goes by Brandon demonstrated with the footage how the ANTIFA mob targeted a marine who was simply riding his bicycle minding his own business as the domestic terror group blocked traffic.

Patriotic activists and Portland police attempted to disperse the mob so the vehicle could get through unimpeded. Finally, the mob parted so the car was no longer blocked from travel. This is when the mob took special attention to the marine.

The marine attempted to bike away but was blocked by a rotund masked terrorist while another ANTIFA member struck his bicycle so he could not move. Once another patriot unhooked his bike, the marine was able to make his way to the sidewalk.

This was when ANTIFA started to escalate their violent tactics. The marine was sprayed in the face by a domestic terrorist with a substance that appeared to be mace. After that, bottles were thrown toward the veteran as he was trying to peacefully walk away. His life was in danger at this point, as the mob worked themselves into a frenzy.

A domestic terrorist was shown with a knife in the video footage and walked behind the marine in a position to put it into the marine’s neck, but independent journalist Brandon got in the way before he was able to do it. The terrorist then slunk back into the audience and put his knife away.

“This is clear cut evidence of them being a terrorist organization,” Brandon said regarding the footage while imploring President Donald Trump to declare ANTIFA a terror group.