UN making American kids swear allegiance to Agenda 21

A United Nations program, partially supported by U.S. tax dollars, is indoctrinating American schoolchildren and making them take a sworn pledge to obey and follow Agenda 21.

The United Nations held a “Civil Society Summit” last week in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they unveiled a new program to make American school children sign themselves to a “Youth Climate Compact” pledging allegiance to the UN’s radical ecosocialist agenda.

Along other ecosocialist agenda points, such as banning tampons, kids must promise to weaken the United States by pledging to:

“Advocate for ethical reform in food production industries, calling attention to the hidden negligence allowing the continuance of factory farming, animal cruelty, and environmentally destructive agricultural practices around meat and dairy production; become responsible consumers that actively support non-monopolized food producers that grow non-genetically modified crops in an ethical and moral way”

“Divest from fossil fuels, mining, and other businesses that profit at the expense of our planet, and invest in climate solutions and green jobs, thereby transitioning our industries toward a zero-carbon economic future”

“Actively participate in political processes, maximizing the voice of the people and challenging the influence of business interests over government policy”

“Strongly condemn laws and regulations that deny environmental justice to and disproportionately affect minority and underclass groups”

It also makes kids pledge allegiance to Agenda 21.

“The compact calls for today’s youth to pledge to become green citizens, and to commit to cooperate and support the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” The New American reports.

“We seek cooperation and support from all generations, governments, civil society organizations, and the private sector in achieving the targets of Sustainable Development Goal 13, thereby furthering our commitment to the United Nations 2030 Agenda,” the Compact makes kids pledge.

Under the “2030 Agenda,” each nation designates a “focal point” to carry out the radical ecosocialist “sustainable development” plans.

In the United States, that plan is “Agenda 21,” which is promoted by the “Local Governments for Sustainability,” founded in 1990 as the “International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives” and still known as “ICLEI.”

Funded by “membership dues” from local and state governments, as well as federal tax dollars from the EPA and State Department, the ICLEI sends representatives to local government meetings around the country promoting “zoning changes” and “smart growth.”

They never reveal they are working at the direction of the United Nations, and their proposed changes come directly out of Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda.

The plan is to quietly impose Agenda 21 on the entire nation by slowly stitching it together like a quilt composed of thousands of patches.

That plan is now in overdrive, as the “Youth Climate Compact” drafts American children into the U.N.’s Agenda 21 army.