Ms. Monopoly: A New Game Proving Women Can’t Compete

The woke warriors who run Hasbro, maker of the classic board game Monopoly, probably thought they were striking a blow for gender something or other when they announced a new version of the classic game called Ms. Monopoly.

The game changes the rules along gender lines . . . women get more money to start the game and get more money for passing GO.

Perhaps they thought they wold be hailed as truth tellers proving how unfair the capitalist system is to women.

But as news of their creation began to leak out, critics noted something else about Hasbro’s woke Monopoly:

The criticism continued:

And finally, though it almost doesn’t need to be pointed out, the original Monopoly game doesn’t discriminate just like capitalism doesn’t discriminate:

Another woke misfire from the leftist regime that controls culture here in America. Fortunately, there was still an avenue to point out their mistake.

Source: CNN Twitter