Would You Pass (Gas) on this Fart Festival?

They have competitions for everything. Well, almost everything.

In what might be a first of its kind, flatulence has floated up to the competitive level.

Surat, India will be the location for a farting competition called What the Fart? on September 22nd.

Organizers Yatin Sangoi and Mul Sanghvi promote the contest as ” a test to see whose farts are the loudest, the longest and the most musical.”

They have even created a hashtag #freethefart to further their cause.

Winners will take home trophies and as sponsors are coming forward to provide Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 (about $60-$200) in prize money. The entry fee is only Rs 100 (about $1.40).

Do you think this will catch on in America?

Source: Facebook