Will Your Next Toilet Spy on You?

The next home application to be connected to the so-called “internet of things” looks to be your plumbing system.

Here you can see a video of how to install a voice-command faucet to allow you to “pair with existing devices to dispense the exact amount of water needed, all with a simple voice command.”

Whew. All you have to do in order to not turn a faucet handle anymore is to allow the big tech companies to spy on your conversations!

Not content with overhearing all your conversations in the kitchen, the internet of things is also prepared to monitor you while you use the bathroom.

Kohler has introduced the Numi 2.0 complete toilet integrated system. As they promote:

“Numi 2.0 will come equipped with embedded Amazon Alexa for easy voice control to active toilet features as well as Alexa commands such as checking weather, traffic, accessing news, etc.”

Numi will allow Alexa to monitor how often you go to the bathroom and how much water you use.

Numi will even be able to differentiate between different voices so Amazon can monitor you, your spouse and your kids separately!

As with other smart devices, the tech companies promise they won’t abuse your personal data. Here’s a video explaining the latest and greatest in spying toilets: