IRS Creating Way to Track You Through Your Phone

The all seeing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is determined to pry into every corner of taxpayers lives.

They have announced a research effort supposedly designed to enhance security of taxpayer “accounts” by tracking personal details of each and every taxpayer who interacts with the IRS website.

The IRS announced a sole-source contract to BioCatch for a proof-of-concept that would incorporate behavioral analytics for the agency’s eAuthentication system. BioCatch’s technology tracks how a user interacts with their device and the agency’s apps to continually verify their identity.

“BioCatch collects behavioral metrics—i.e., left/right handedness, pressure—while a user is interacting with eAuth without impacting user experience and establishes a profile for the user,” IRS contracting officers wrote in the statement of work. “Once this profile is established, this data is used to detect fraud on subsequent login attempts and to prevent account takeover during the user’s session.”

The testing will continue for the rest of this year and a decision on the new surveillance technology will be made in early 2020.

Look out because soon the IRS will know even more than they already do about your life and your personal habits.

Source: Public Domain