Mayor tied to truck and dragged by angry citizens

A Mexican mayor was tied to a truck and dragged through the streets by citizens angry over shoddy roads.

“Jorge Luis Escandon Hernandez, the mayor of Las Margaritas in the state of Chiapas, was taken by a mob of residents from his office,” the Daily Mail reports. “Shocking video lasting 17 seconds shows Mr Escandon attached to the back of the Toyota truck with a rope and being dragged along a road by the moving vehicle.”

Escandon was elected on promises to, among other things, fix a local road. Residents have grown angry, feeling he was not keeping his promises. The Mail reports four months earlier a crowd smashed the windows of his offices after not finding him there.

He was eventually freed after a force of 40 police officers dispersed the crowd, arresting 30 people. Suffering only minor injuries, the Mail reports he gave a speech eight hours later vowing to have his attackers arrested for abduction and attempted murder,