Man invents battery that will go 1,500 miles without a recharge

This revolutionary new type of battery which, unlike those used in conventional electric cars, can also power buses, huge lorries and even aircraft. What’s more, it’s far simpler and cheaper to make than the batteries currently in use in millions of electric vehicles around the world – and, unlike them, it can easily be recycled.

This might sound like a science-fiction fantasy says the Daily Mail. But it’s not. The battery’s inventor, British engineer and former Royal Navy officer Trevor Jackson, signed a multi-million-pound deal to start manufacturing the device on a large scale in the UK.

From his website:
Métalectrique is a new way of powering transport and remote places. Our 21st century technology gives more mobility, costs less and is in harmony with the environment. We’re working with other partners through our group companies to power transport and remote places with zero emissions.

  • A brand new recyclable Aluminium-Air power technology
  • A 1500 mile range battery with a 90 second swap system
  • Cost effective for the driver

How it works

Aluminium-Air technology has long attracted attention due to its cheap, lightweight and high-energy nature. Aluminium is the most abundant metal on Earth and is easy to handle, store and is safe as a way of storing electrical energy. 

A Métalectrique power cell is actually quite simple. A piece of Aluminium is in contact with a special electrolyte. This electrolyte reacts with the metal on the negative end and on the positive end, air reacts with the electrolyte. When those two reactions are combined, aluminium is transformed into hydrated alumina and electrons are transferred from the second layer, through the conductor, ready to power a device. After use, the hydrated alumina can be reprocessed by smelting it, recovering the water and oxygen as it forms fresh aluminium. This cycle can be used over and over again. Read more here.