Noah’s Ark found? 3D scan reveals ‘buried ship’ on famed mountain

An underground scan of a Turkish mountain believed to be the landing site of Noah’s Ark reveals what appears to be a buried ship, relic hunters reveal.

Ark hunter Cem Sertesen led a team to site on Turkey’s Mount Ararat the ship is believed to be buried.

Some say the strange 150-meter long rock formation, discovered in 1959, is a natural feature. Others say the protrusion is caused by the presence of the Ark underneath.

3D scans of the area underneath the rocks, taken by sending electronic signals through cables, reveal what appears to be a buried ship, Sertesen claims.

“It’s a ship, but it’s too soon to be called Noah’s Ark,” he says.

The Sun notes the site is 50 miles from the nearest navigable water.

Sertesen’s search and scan were conducted for an upcoming documentary. No date has yet been set for it to air.

Image credit: Youtube, dimitrisvetsikas1969,, CC 0.0, Public Domain