2020 Copyright expirations!


Check out this page for more details. But expect to hear a lot of versions of George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue!” Out of copyright generally means a previously copyrighted work is now “in the public domain” and copyright fees no longer apply should you wish to use, republish or record the work.

Here is a good list of what you could now – if you wanted – republish https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_in_public_domain

Paris Musées releases 100,000 images for unrestricted public use

Setting Sun on the Seine at Lavacourt” by Claude Monet (1880), oil on canvas, part of the collection at Petit Palais, Paris

This week the Paris Musées added 100,000 digital copies of its artworks to the public domain, making them free and unrestricted for the public to download and use. From Claude Monet’s “Setting Sun on the Seine at Lavacourt” to Paul Cézanne’s “Portrait of Ambroise Vollard,” the collection contains work from artists, such as Gustave Courbet, Victor Hugo, and Rembrandt, that are housed at 14 museums in Paris like the Musée d’Art Moderne, Petit Palais, and even the catacombs.

Each file contains the high-resolution image, a description about the piece, and the location of the original work, in addition to an exhibition history and citation tips. The site also offers virtual exhibitions, with a project centered on the collections at Maison de Victor Hugo currently on view. (via Hyperallergic)