Bird-shredding machines that are driving us crazy

Not only are they temperamental and can’t function when it’s too windy or not windy enough, but they pollute the earth and kill flying animals. In a follow up to our article earlier this month we bring you some damning evidence of bird deaths caused by these heavily subsidized, virtue signaling environmental calamities.

Remember, the only people who see anything positive from these monstrosities are the investors getting the government kick-backs.

In addition to the physical havoc they wreak on neighborhoods, there is also a subliminal threat.

Aside from the whomping noise they make, wind turbines also produce infrasound and low-frequency noise (ILFN) – a constant sub-audible hum – that is causing havoc, “Insomnia, heart problems, perception disorders, dizziness. These are just a few of the disease symptoms that can be caused by infrasound,” says expert Dr. Christian Vahl, who goes on, “Whether we hear it or not, every form of energy has physical effects, and infrasound is particularly dangerous, because we don’t hear it.” 

As we reported earlier, the recycling of the massive blades is causing problems across the country. The blades can’t easily be crushed, recycled or repurposed; they contain pollutants that leach into the ground; they are too large for most landfills and require cutting up with special equipment.

In the European Union, especially Germany where it is verboten to dump blades in landfills, architects are using decommissioned blades in playgrounds and street furniture. They are working on a solvent that will dissolve the fiberglass blades back into glass for recycling. (Although this all adds to the cost of the energy these inconsistent turbines produce over their lifetime.)