So, God made a farmer…

Can Democrat presidential wannabe Mike Bloomberg come back from this?

People who dig around in the bowels of the internet looking for dirt on people are called “offense archeologists.” They find off-the-cuff remarks, slips of the tongue or just dumb sh*t people said when they were young and republish it to embarrass their targets. We know this from the deep diving they’re doing on Rush Limbaugh. But every now and again they stumble on things that weren’t just a slip, but instead reveal something that goes to the heart of a person.

What are your thoughts on the clip above and below from Mike Bloomberg? (It’s in the first minute of Neil Cavuto’s show below, in full. and he has some interesting comments from his guests so I added the video.) Me, I think he’s another elitist from the Swamp who looks down on mere mortals who sometimes struggle to find the next dime. I find it staggering that the Democratic Party could see their final choice come down to a billionaire who was Republican, then an Independent, then a Democrat and who couldn’t be bothered campaigning in the small states so just bought his way in — and another old rich guy who isn’t even a registered Democrat! Their Convention will sure be interesting!

As the Bloomberg quote takes to the Twitterverse, Vice-president Pence responded with the quintessential hymn to the farmer by Paul Harvey.

Here’s the You Tube version of Paul Harvey’s moving tribute to Farmers if you can’t see it in Mike Pence’s Tweet above.