The A-10 ‘Warthog’

One of the designers of the A-10, Pierre Sprey, talks about the unique characteristics of the aircraft.

Only aircraft designed for close support

The A-10 was designed for flying close air support missions and destroying tanks. The plane was designed around a 30 mm Cannon that nobody on the ground wants to be on the receiving end of. The Air Force brass has been trying to get rid of the A-10 for years but those that understood its capabilities ensured there are Hog Pilots flying cover for the grunts for years to come.

The Air Force finished installing new wings on the last of 173 A-10 Thunderbolt IIs in August 2019.

The re-winging is expected to allow it to keep flying until the late 2030s, Air Force Materiel Command said in a release.

The upgraded wings should last for up to 10,000 flight hours without requiring a depot inspection, AFMC said. And they have an improved, newly designed wire harness to make the wings easier to remove, and lessen the chance of damaging the wing during the removal process, says Air Force Times.

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