Happy VE Day

Here’s a quick quiz:

  • Who was Prime Minister of Great Britain (Winston Churchill); King of England (George VI); Supreme Allied Commander (General Eisenhower).
  • Who danced the Hokey Cokey unnoticed in the celebrating crowds on the Mall, and joined in chants “We want the King”? (Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret)
  • QEII is  the only surviving monarch in the world to have served in the Second World War. She served in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS). What was her job? (Truck mechanic – No. 230873!)
  • In New York, 15,000 police were mobilized to control the huge crowds that had massed in Times Square. Despite the celebrations, the flags were all at half-staff. Why? (Harry S. Truman, dedicated the day to Roosevelt as part of the 30-day mourning period, following the President’s recent death.)
  • Extra point for this one: Who signed the document of surrender on behalf of Germany that came into effect that day. (General Alfred Jodl)