Wow! This TV show predicted it all – in 2003. Did the CDC know something then?


TV Show: Dead Zone, 2003 – Episode “Plague”, Predicts Coronavirus Outbreak and Chloroquine Cure

This is a clip summarizing a 2003 episode of a TV show called Dead Zone, the episode name is “Plague.”

During the episode, someone takes a flight in from China into the US and they come down with an unknown virus. After identifying the virus as a SARS-related Coronavirus, one doctor figures out that they can stop the Coronavirus dead in its tracks using an anti-malaria drug called Chloroquine.

The writers have claimed that the information and research used to make this episode came directly from the CDC in 2003. Did the CDC know something in 2003 that they are not telling us now?

If you have ever heard of QAnon, you will know they are going crazy right now!