1000 year-old mill brought back into service during national shutdown


Sturminster Newton Mill is one of a series of ancient flour mills built on the River Stour in Dorset, England. It is thought that there may have been a mill on this site in Saxon times and there is evidence that a mill existed in 1016. The Mill is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 where four mills in the Sturminster area are mentioned in the national audit ordered by William the Conqueror.

Until a few weeks ago, the 1,000 year old Sturminster Newton Mill on the River Stour was a popular visitor attraction, catering mainly for tourists.

But the rise in home baking, during the lockdown, has led to flour shortages with many shops sold out.

Suddenly we founds ourselves with plenty of grain and the means to grind it into flour. With all the local shops suddenly desperate for flour, it seemed a pity to just sit on the grain and do nothing with it.”