Know your history! Statues that should have been left alone

In Philadelphia, vandals/protestors defaced a statue of famous abolitionist Matthias Baldwin, dousing the statue with paint and spray-painting the word “colonizer” on the pedestal. A park volunteer said, “He Was BLM Before There Was A Slogan’.” It turns out he was an abolitionist who funded schools for black children out of his own pocket. He also fought for black voting rights 30 years before the the Civil War and slavery ended. AOC made an idiot of herself with this clueless tweet.

According to a Minneapolis government web page, “The 10-foot tall bronze sculpture of Christopher Columbus was dedicated on October 12, 1931 and was presented as a gift from Minnesota’s Italian-Americans. The sculpture sits on a red granite base embellished with carvings of sea shells and fish around the top and on either sides are eagles with spread wings atop globe-shaped spheres. Sculptor: Carlo Brioschi, dedicated on October 12, 1931; restoration and preservation efforts in 1992.”

This is what happens when rookies destroy statues. On live TV, a statue being destroyed in Virginia fell on a man’s head. He is at the time of writing, in critical condition.

And in England, a major state of Sir Winston Churchill, possibly the most famous enemy of fascists, and Sir Baden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts, have been attacked. Famous historical figures such as Sir Francis Drake, Sir Robert Peel and Admiral Nelson are also under attack for now unacceptable practices.