Firearms sales surge – even these people are tooling up!

Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting (SAAF) reports the number of guns sold in April 2020 at 1,797,910, a 71.3% increase over the number of sales seen in April 2019.

That’s up 80% compared to last May and it follows a massive 71% surge in April to just under 1.8 million sold, and just under two million guns were sold in March.

People have been feeling unsure about their safety of late, from the Coronavirus shortages, to the BLM/Antifa riots even people formerly opposed to firearms are now considering them. Look at this video and see how demonstrating how to handle a weapon properly is the best way to convince someone to defend themselves with a firearm.

John takes an anti-gunner to the range to help her understand firearms. Most people who have never handled a boom stick are more likely to say they are anti-gun. Others hold that stance because of bad experiences or misinformation. This video highlights how opinions can be changed by having a safe and educated experience in a controlled and low-stress environment.