Chuck Mead nails the lockdown blues with classic remake: “I ain’t been nowhere, man.”

The Official Song of Quarantine! By CHUCK MEAD and his Grassy Knoll Boys. Chuck is a Country singer with a rock’n’roll heart. He’s also a renowned songwriter, producer, music director, musicologist and architect behind the rebirth of Lower Broadway and the Global Neo Traditional Country music movement.

This Kansas native, has been at the forefront of what has come to be known as Americana Music for the better part of 25 years. Perhaps best known for co-founding the famed ‘90s Alternative Country quintet, BR5-49, whos 7 albums garnered a CMA Award for Best International Touring Act and three Grammy nominations, helped build an indelible bridge between authentic American Roots music and millions of fans worldwide.

And during lockdown he tackled this awesome version of “I’ve been Everywhere.”