Fetal Trafficking – under Oath admissions to Organ Harvesting


Why is this on Self-Reliance Central? Because we believe that the most fundamental right of any human being is that of life itself. And because the abortion business is supported by the government through its grants to Planned Parenthood we need to know when it’s lying to us. And Planned Parenthood has been lying to us. If they lie over something as serious as life, how can we trust them on firearms, disease, corruption?

Read this: Under oath, officials admit to harvesting organs from babies born alive with ‘beating hearts’ – this quote comes from this shocking video. Please note that the current governor of Virginia, an obstetrician, himself chimes in on at-birth abortion.

Videos of witnesses under oath show that not only did the abortion giant profit from the sale of fetal organs, but that Planned Parenthood and its business partner, Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR), violated federal law that mandates a fetus born with a beating heart is a human being equally entitled to protections under the law.

I bet, “It was going to be thrown away anyway so they might as well get some use out of it,” will be the justification for their defenders.