China: Wuhan can’t get any worse….2020: Hold my beer

Nearly 14 million people in 26 different provinces in China have been affected by storms and floods since early June. Three-quarters of million people have been evacuated from the worst affected areas.

Wuhan in Hubei province, has upgraded its emergency flood response to Level 2 from Level 3, (of four), after days of heavy downpours inundated it.

Authorities warned in March that Wuhan and other flood-prone cities on the Yangtze’s middle reaches faced higher than usual levels of rainfall this year.

An expert is warning that the famous Three Gorges Dam might collapse. It is also in Hubei Province. This expert reminds us that the western experts called in to perform a quality inspection which condemned the welding were chastised for being “racist.” 400 million people live downstream, many in Shanghai and Wuhan.