What does your phone know about you?


So why are criminals so eager to get into our devices? From Welivesecurity.com

  1. A smartphone knows everything about us. A smartphone is a great way to steal your identity as everything from your pizza preference to your SSN is stored in there. .
  2. Autofill has become our best friend. We’re lazy. We use autofill systems, which can become a security risk.
  3. It’s a way into companies and other organizations. Loads of people use their own computers for work. Cybercriminals use them as an ideal gateway into stealing valuable corporate information.
  4. It’s a route into your wallet. Our phones can be used to transfer money, pay our utility and mortgage bills, and now increasingly with COVID as a means of contactless payment.
  5. Phones know where you are and where you work. Criminals can track your movements and know where you go, live, work, etc.
  6. Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a regular feature on smartphones and other mobile devices. Like GPS, it is seen as a potential entry point for cybercriminals. The effects of such an attack can result in Bluesnarfing – where a phone’s private information is compromised, or Bluebugging, which allows a criminal to more or less take complete control of your phone.
  7. Some scams are specific to mobile. Cybercriminals can use your smartphone to make quick cash. Malware can be used to access devices and force them to call premium numbers that charge large amounts.
  8. They’re a great way of sending spam. Criminals change advertisers to spam you with advertisements.
  9. Users are ignorant about the dangers. Many of the most seasoned tech users are now well acquainted with best practice when it comes to using laptops or desktops, but smartphones often slip down the list of priorities.