Did China create the pandemic as a giant PsyOp? Does this Deep Dive into the online record reveal EVERYTHING?

This is a fascinating Twitter “thread”. I hope you can read it. The @nytimes article by @paulmozur is a smoking gun on the beginning of the coronavirus lockdowns. It is a stunning and terrifying piece of investigative reporting and it all points to the fact that the CCP engineered the global pandemic to dominate its enemies in the West using fear and smear campaigns. The theory is they scared us into shutting down our economies.

The entire Tweet is below. Click here or on the bird. More comments below.

This is the picture that shut down the world. The Chinese made it look as dangerous as Ebola. This is when we brought everything to a halt; bought all the masks, ventilators and sanitizers that existed, and entered into a life of fear. This man collapsing in the street terrified us. It was all a fake. Knowing what we know now, this was patently not a COVID-19 case.

Then the Psyops campaigns started.

Thousands of social media messages translated into languages around the world flooded the internet via Chinese bots. So long as your nation fell in line with their shutdown plan – orchestrated and supported by Chinese-paid embeds in the World Health Organization – you were doing the Chinese Communist Party’s bidding. Countries that decided to ride it out, like Sweden, got special treatment from the online CCP bots that savaged it for keeping its economy alive. Countries like the UK and Australia were lauded for the draconian lockdowns. China was held as a model responder to the virus. In fact it’s increasingly likely that the virus was not only weaponized in China but was a key part of their massive World war.

If you can’t access Twitter, try here to read the thread. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1270925788389486593.html

China is an enemy of India so they really took it in the shorts on social media.