Transgenderism – Can you keep up?

Here are some items I found recently on the web. I gather the first one is a little older than the others but it makes a great point about access to children by people who profess to be women but haven’t put any effort into becoming like one. We have all seen the sad videos of sports events where the biological females are outpaced, out-lifted or out-strengthed by transgender girls. But as with all human issues, we’re messy and individuals complicate things. Thoughts below, please.

(Don’t teachers use staff bathrooms?)

Government schools must be abolished.

Posted by Seton Motley on Wednesday, 9 September 2020
Posted by Ben Harris-Quinney on Saturday, 29 August 2020

So a woman…BORN female eh… has to lower her testosterone to compete…. but trans can run against women?…. I…

Posted by Michelle Petra Marfan-Urquhart on Tuesday, 8 September 2020