Who are the real racists?

No one can argue that there are gangs of thugs who are motivated to hate based on the color of a person’s skin. And some of these, sadly, are branded as “far-right.”

But the lesser known “soft” bigotry of the Left who assume they need to make separate rules for people of color, including changing the nomenclature for them every couple of years (negro, colored, black, African American, POC, etc.) , is just as demeaning. They only see color – and with it a number of preconceptions drummed into them by black studies “experts”, mostly white, whom they encounter at school and college. Recall how Joe Biden challenged a voter by saying if he didn’t vote Democrat “he ain’t black.”

Basically it’s projection when liberals accuse conservatives and Republicans – famously the best friends to Black communities because we don’t see their color but their character – because they harbor such a poor image of what black and brown people are all about.

Just watch this bunch of patronizing asshats.

And there’s some proof for what we suspect. The ‘well-intentioned’ but ‘ultimately patronizing’ shift in speech patterns suggests that white liberals are drawing on stereotypes about minorities having low status or low competence levels, according to the study to be published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Or this weekend when 50 Cent declared he’d vote for Trump for reducing taxes a former girlfriend chimed in, scolding him for considering a vote for Trump as though he couldn’t decide on his own. She also offered to pay his taxes if he’d switch his allegiance. That’s white supremacy right there!