Environmental Catastrophe ~ Russians can’t explain massive pollution and death of marine life.

Russians do not care about the environment. Only civilized first world countries do.

This is translated from the Ukrainian Tweet below.

Russia conducted military exercises in Kamchatka and now there, in the Pacific Ocean, the whole bottom and shore are dotted with dead sea animals.

Everything continues to die, even without contact with water. The radius of the catastrophe is huge. .

The Russian branch of the World Wildlife Fund said the decimation of marine animals suggests not only a surface contamination of the ocean but the release of a chemical that diluted in the water, threatening all life within it. Greenpeace has warned of an ecological catastrophe. The water had become foul-smelling and changed color, with a milky foam floating on its surface. Within days, dead sea creatures began washing up on Khalaktyr and and nearby beaches along the Pacific Coast. The levels of petroleum in the water went up four-fold.

The presence of two military bases in the area prompted some to suggest rocket fuel had leaked into the sea. In a social media post on October 5, regional Governor Vladimir Solodov said a state laboratory in Moscow had found no traces of unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine — the chemical used as a rocket propellant — in water samples from Kamchatka. He announced that a task force would study the situation.