Update: Election fraud in four swing states

As we watch the legal battles play out – and the spineless GOP watch as President Trump’s votes are stolen – we should remember that these things happened, our votes were stolen and the system is corrupt. Meanwhile in Georgia, the machines are being prepared for the run-off Senatorial elections. Let’s hope Mitch McConnell pays attention – as his ass is on the line, we assume he will be.


Governor Doug Ducey ignored overwhelmingly evidence of voter fraud, corruption and criminality by certifying Arizona’s election. It is almost certainly malfeasance and his questionable conduct should be investigated. Cybersecurity expert and retired army colonel Phil Waldron testified in front of members of the Arizona State legislature on Monday. Colonel Waldron presented an analysis of data that shows a vote spike on Election Day shortly after counting started. Experts including Dr. Shiva believe voter fraud has been going on for much longer than the 2020 election in Arizona.


Pennsylvania – 47 USB thumb drives missing

Georgia – This mom and daughter team were observed a number of times.

From Twitter. Ruby confirms they are working together.

Here Ruby shows us the ballots. Her daughter Shae/Shay is in both the video with the “suitcases” (ballot containers) and the thumb drive pick up.

Here they are together….watch the USB drive handoff from #RubyFreeman to her daughter Shae. Shae then stuffs it in the sweater pocket of the man “stretching” as she stands up.

and here again…