Nashville Bomber thought he’d be a hero


Nashville RV bomber Anthony Quinn Warner was “heavily into conspiracy theories” about 5G networks — and thought he’d be “hailed a hero” for targeting a huge AT&T network, according to a report.

The 63-year-old loner — who died in his massive Christmas Day suicide blast — may have turned against the telecommunications industry after the 2011 death of his father, who worked for a company that later merged with AT&T, a source close to the investigation told the Daily Mail.

NY DAILY POST: Human remains found at the site of the Christmas RV bombing in Nashville belong to Anthony Quinn Warner, the tech expert behind blast, officials announced Sunday.

“Anthony Warner is the bomber,” said US Attorney Don Cochran during a press briefing. 

“He was present when the bomb went off, and then he perished in the bombing.”

Warner, 63, is the only known fatality in the bombing, which also left three people injured and caused significant property damage, including to an AT&T building, knocking out cell service across the state and much of the South.

Of course, this is 2020 and we’re all distrusting everything so the Twitterverse is alive with conspiracies like these.

So here is the eerie recording he broadcast to warn of his bomb – and the version below is supposed to be the same message played backwards!

Then there are the missile theories! But these seem to be absolute nonsense.

Another angle of the explosion.