Romney Falls

Image: “I went to CPAC, that was a problem,” Mitt joked

Sen. Mitt Romney was knocked unconscious at the weekend, leaving him with “a lot of stitches” and a black eye. He says he took a fall playing with his grandchildren in Boston, where he was visiting.

He jested that he had attended CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee, which held its annual shindig in Orlando, rather than National Harbor, over the weekend and hosted President Donald Trump and a great crowd of pro-Trump supporters. Mitt as a Never-Trumper would most definitely not have been welcome in such an arena. In fact, CPAC chief Matt Schlapp had announced that Romney was not even invited to the event, explaining that he “would be afraid for (Romney’s) physical safety, people are so mad at him.” Which is ironic seeing as how he came to harm elsewhere.

Former Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz also dinged Romney, as well as the senator’s former secret Twitter account under the name Pierre Delecto, at CPAC: “My name is Jason Chaffetz, I’m from Utah and I am not Mitt Romney,” Chaffetz said. “If you’re looking for Pierre Delecto, you need to go down the hall, go left, and then just keep going left until — well, just keep going left. That’s where you’ll find him.

During his hour and a half long remarks at CPAC on Sunday, Trump called Romney out by name along with other Republican lawmakers who had voted to impeach him in the House and convict him in the Senate for his incitement of the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, saying that “the Democrats don’t have grandstanders like Mitt Romney” and others.