Texan School District ignored all COVID advice and this happened

A rural school district in Texas defied the experts and orders from the government “experts” when it came to the advice regarding wearing masks and sports, etc. regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of bowing to pressure, the district worked with parents to open schools in August without COVID restrictions or mandates — and by all accounts, the students are thriving says The Blaze.

What happened? 

Peaster Independent School District has had no distancing, no required face masks, and no mandatory quarantines since school started last August, KTVT-TV reported Monday. The students have had a “100% normal school experience” this school year – nothing has been canceled and no one has been quarantined. The kids are all caught up to their expected grade level.

“…the kids in Peaster, Texas, have thrived,” Superintendent Lance Johnson explained, “And it’s just been real eye opening to see how we’ve done things different than other schools.”