Get Ready for the Biden Exit

By Robert Ringer

The worst-kept secret in Washington is that Joe Biden is suffering from late-stage dementia.  With pressure mounting on him to give a State of the Union Address, in addition to a legitimate press conference (meaning, one in which he answers questions about things other than his dogs and his favorite ice cream), look for Democrats to expedite their nefarious plan to put him out to pasture sooner rather than later.

If Republicans had a spine, they would be calling for an investigation into those responsible for pulling off this Chauncey Gardiner scam on the American people.  The only difference between Biden and the real Chauncey Gardiner (in the movie “Being There”) is that the film character was actually able to put his pen in his pocket.

Once Biden is whisked away in the middle of the night by Secret Service agents, Kringey Kamala, who was thoroughly rejected by Democrat voters early in the primaries, will be brought in through the servants’ entrance.  If China Joe is a gaffe-a-minute president, Kamala is a cringe-a-minute fraud who will laugh and lie her way through yet another fake Democrat presidency, tangling herself up in knots in the process.  It will be truly nauseating to watch, but kind of fun in a Schadenfreude sort of way.

Kamala was the chosen one for carrying out Barack Obama’s third term.  Obama handpicked her ahead of the primaries because she had proven time and time again that she was willing to do anything, anytime, anywhere, to anybody to get ahead (think Willie Brown).  To Barack’s chagrin, however, a funny thing happened on the way to Kamala’s presidential anointment:  She was humiliated and knocked out of the Democrat primaries by a relatively unknown congresswoman named Tulsi Gabbard.

No problem.  The Dems simply brushed aside Bernie Sanders once more and handed the nomination to a corrupt, cognitively failing swamp creature whom they knew would not only follow their instructions to get elected, but would dutifully step aside when told to do so.

If I were a Democrat voter, I’d be insulted and furious by how the Democrat establishment pulled the wool over my eyes by using a brain-dead placeholder as a conduit to sneak someone into the Oval Office whom voters had already soundly rejected in the primaries.  It was the boldest hoax ever perpetrated on American voters, one that dwarfs the Russia-collusion hoax.

One last thing:  I don’t care how old or how far gone he is, Biden should not be let off the hook for his nearly half century of selling access to the government offices he’s held.  Adding to what I said earlier, if Republicans manage to take back the House and Senate in 2022, they should immediately start investigating Biden and all of his family members who have made millions of dollars off his influence peddling (meaning, off taxpayers).  Sorry, but plausible denial” is not an excuse; it’s an admission of guilt.

Now, what makes me think that such investigation will never happen?  I guess I’m just clairvoyant.  What also will never happen is media bobbleheads apologizing for ferociously arguing that Biden’s cognitive abilities were just fine.  Instead, they will simply do what they always do — act as though the biggest scam in presidential history never happened and focus on some new hoax they can feed their gullible viewers.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time. Reproduced with permission. Views expressed are not necessarily those of