Lawton saw this BS Graphic and TOOK. IT. DOWN.

Lawton our local Renaissance Man (potter, philosopher, carpenter, archer, outdoorsman, chef, marksman, Christian) saw this stupid liberal graphic going around. It pissed him off because it’s so sloppily thought out.

He says: Don’t believe it. I’ll break down the errors line by line:

1. Titles and tags only happen at point of sale for cars bought from a dealership. Every gun bought from a firearms dealer requires a federal form 4473 and a federal background check. That’s actually more than is required to by a new car. Used cars bought from a private citizen do not include titling and tagging at the point of sale. Many states do not allow guns to be sold in private transactions without a background check at all. Again, harder to buy a gun.

2, 3, 4. You don’t need any driver training to buy a car. You need it to drive a car on public roads. In most states you need firearms training to get a permit to concealed carry a firearm in public. That training may include a written assessment and/or a practical component.

5. There are no health requirements to buy a car. There are some to drive a car on public roads. An involuntary psychiatric commitment will forever ban you from buying a gun. It will not ban you from buying a car, or even driving one.

6. Insurance is not required to buy or own a car, only to drive it on public roads. And even then, many states do not require you to have insurance.

7. There’s no renewal or inspection to own a car, just to drive it on public roads. You can drive a car to your heart’s content on your own farm (and even occasionally on nearby roads) with essentially no government involvement (“Farm Use” tags). And most states do not require annual vehicle inspections, even to drive your car on the road (VA is in the minority).